Imagine the first rain, after this terrible summer! I am sure I will be super excited…Now if I am exposed to the same rain day in and day out…I might move from irritation to apathy. It’s probably the case with all the accidents, robberies and rapes you see so commonly on media too. Nirbhaya toRead more


In the Potter series, a ‘Patronus’ is formed by focussing on ones happiest memory. It’s a shield that protects you from dementors who suck out all the happiness from you. It’s interesting how unlike most fantasy series, the worst thing can happen to a person is not something physical, but a mental ailment where theRead more


I have always been fascinated by the Gulmohar tree flower. The way in which shades of orange, yellow and red merge to form this beautiful flower is just picture perfect. Please do take sometime to pick one and just note the blends. It gets me a high every single time.Read more


I have been reading up on mental toughness and what it takes to get very good at anything you take up. That’s when I came across this book called Relentless, the mindset to do whatever it takes to reach your goals. Here’s to some more relentless practice of portraits.Read more

Irises in a Vase

Vincent Van Gogh has always fascinated me. He was struggling with severe mental issues and recently when I read through letters Van Gogh had written to his brother and Paul Ganguin, I realized , he was very lucky to have a brilliant support system from his brother. He supported him financially and mentally through hisRead more

Folk power

Madhubani art is an art form practiced in Madhubani district in Bihar. Traditionally practiced by women, it is an art form that has been passed on from generations. It was initially made on mud house walls but now is made on paper and other objects and sold as a handicraft. While I was researching onRead more

Frida Kahlo

Currently reading the biography of Friday Kahlo by Hayden Harrera. It’s strange how normal a person she seems. She just made art and went on with her life and look how her art is famous now! There are so many parallels one can draw with the life in Mexico then and India now. Frida’s persistenceRead more

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