Have always wanted to do this sketch of Buddha. Got a push this evening when my aunt requested I sketch this for her.Read more


A year ago, I went for a form of meditation called Vipassana. This basically teaches you how you can have a calm and balanced mind despite ups and downs. And for those who know me personally, this kind of balance is still a work in progress. “As a solid mass of rock is not stirredRead more

Unlocking Potential

Performance = Potential – Internal Interference Came upon this today and there couldn’t be a truer description for this painting. Even Vedanta, which I am currently reading talks about the importance of constantly working on ourselves and unlocking our complete potential. This is dedicated to all the fighters out there!Read more

Pidlee and Gabbar

This was a parting gift to my friend’s cats, these guys Pidlee and Gabbar helped me overcome my fear of cats to a great extent!!! This piece of art is an expression of my love for them.Read more

Copper Shimmer

Last month, I traveled along the Konkan coast of India, and while exploring we came upon this beautiful spot where we decided to stay until sunset. It was a mesmerizing sight with sun slowly sinking and this copper shimmer spreading on the crests of each wave. Tried to capture that powerful moment through this painting.Read more

What does abstract art mean to me?

I have explored different styles of art in the past few years, done an art course, looked at video tutorials, and despite all of this abstract is like home for me. Every abstract painting is an adventure, I do not know what colors I am going to use , what brush, what strokes, it startsRead more