Imagine the first rain, after this terrible summer! I am sure I will be super excited…Now if I am exposed to the same rain day in and day out…I might move from irritation to apathy. It’s probably the case with all the accidents, robberies and rapes you see so commonly on media too. Nirbhaya toRead more


In the Potter series, a ‘Patronus’ is formed by focussing on ones happiest memory. It’s a shield that protects you from dementors who suck out all the happiness from you. It’s interesting how unlike most fantasy series, the worst thing can happen to a person is not something physical, but a mental ailment where theRead more


I have always been fascinated by the Gulmohar tree flower. The way in which shades of orange, yellow and red merge to form this beautiful flower is just picture perfect. Please do take sometime to pick one and just note the blends. It gets me a high every single time.Read more

Now and here

They say every moment is infinitesimally small. As humans , we have no choice but to be in it. In the past few years, this is getting more and more clear to me. It is hard , however, I have observed not fighting the moments that you go through makes life easier and happier, forRead more


Sometimes when you try to collaborate or blend with people, be it in a relationship or professionally. There is bound to be a mess , because being together, working together , makes all our vulnerabilities and weakness visible. The idea is to find beauty in the mess!Read more

So full of themselves!

All of you must have heard the famous Aesop fable of the vain peacock. I believe some amount of vanity is necessary in all of us and that would drive us to take care of ourselves and be fit.Read more

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