Frida Kahlo

Currently reading the biography of Friday Kahlo by Hayden Harrera. It’s strange how normal a person she seems. She just made art and went on with her life and look how her art is famous now! There are so many parallels one can draw with the life in Mexico then and India now. Frida’s persistenceRead more

Now and here

They say every moment is infinitesimally small. As humans , we have no choice but to be in it. In the past few years, this is getting more and more clear to me. It is hard , however, I have observed not fighting the moments that you go through makes life easier and happier, forRead more


This category of posts is going to be about my age old , undying love towards books. Books have been with me at my darkest and happiest moments. They’ve stuck with me through a bout of chicken pox, through summer vacation days, adulthood heartbreaks, helped me learn life skills. The next few posts are goingRead more