Journey of portrait sketching!

When I first began making portraits of people, the technique I used was to make a grid on the photograph of the person. Replicate the grid on my paper and then sketch the content of each grid onto the paper. The result was great accuracy and beautiful portraits. Few months ago , I attended anRead more

Now and here

They say every moment is infinitesimally small. As humans , we have no choice but to be in it. In the past few years, this is getting more and more clear to me. It is hard , however, I have observed not fighting the moments that you go through makes life easier and happier, forRead more


Sometimes when you try to collaborate or blend with people, be it in a relationship or professionally. There is bound to be a mess , because being together, working together , makes all our vulnerabilities and weakness visible. The idea is to find beauty in the mess!Read more

So full of themselves!

All of you must have heard the famous Aesop fable of the vain peacock. I believe some amount of vanity is necessary in all of us and that would drive us to take care of ourselves and be fit.Read more


This category of posts is going to be about my age old , undying love towards books. Books have been with me at my darkest and happiest moments. They’ve stuck with me through a bout of chicken pox, through summer vacation days, adulthood heartbreaks, helped me learn life skills. The next few posts are goingRead more


Have always wanted to do this sketch of Buddha. Got a push this evening when my aunt requested I sketch this for her.Read more


A year ago, I went for a form of meditation called Vipassana. This basically teaches you how you can have a calm and balanced mind despite ups and downs. And for those who know me personally, this kind of balance is still a work in progress. “As a solid mass of rock is not stirredRead more

Unlocking Potential

Performance = Potential – Internal Interference Came upon this today and there couldn’t be a truer description for this painting. Even Vedanta, which I am currently reading talks about the importance of constantly working on ourselves and unlocking our complete potential. This is dedicated to all the fighters out there!Read more

Pidlee and Gabbar

This was a parting gift to my friend’s cats, these guys Pidlee and Gabbar helped me overcome my fear of cats to a great extent!!! This piece of art is an expression of my love for them.Read more

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